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Do the Girl Scouts Really Help Girls?

June 14, 2012

Do the Girl Scouts Really Help Girls?.


This is a question that has been asked around our parish lately.  I believe the jury is still out at St. Ann, though a few troops have folded in the past couple of years (and the American Heritage Girls are coming on strong in the diocese).

As for me and my house, though…I think Girl Scouting has seen its day.  For lots of reasons.  Including some that the autor of the post above references.  Just sayin’.

  1. Bill (mujdi) permalink

    Do Girl Scouts help girls. Chip, what kind of question is that? I am guessing there is more here than the question. Girl Scout troops, cub scout troops, etc. are generally only as good as the troop leader and parents involved. It is what you make of it. The Girl Scouts provide tools and systems but it is what you do with it that counts.


    • The question stands, Bill. Do they help them? I’ve had four Girl Scouts. And I can’t really say that Girl Scouts has been the major formative experience of their lives that Boy Scouting was for me. We were taught to be *men*. I knew what that meant, and it contributed to my vocations, first as a soldier, then as a husband and a father, and now as a deacon.

      If you, or anyone else, thinks that Girl Scouting is performing a similar function for girls/women, then by all means stay with the program. But my girls are post-Girl Scouts, and I can’t say I’m sorry. And this is no reflection on the troop leaders; they have uniformly been great women, and most were great role models for my girls. But it is what it is, and I think our troops have succeeded in *spite* of GSUSA, not *because* of it.


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