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About Deacon Chip

Deacon Chip Jones serves as a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Memphis, in West Tennessee. Ordained in 2000, Deacon Chip currently serves the people of God and the Bishop of Memphis at the Church of the Nativity in Bartlett, TN

Deacon Chip was born in December of 1960 in Atlanta, GA. A lifelong Catholic, Deacon Chip attended St. Paul of the Cross Elementary School and Daniel M. Therrell High School in Atlanta, and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, in 1982.

Deacon Chip served on active duty in the U. S. Army for over 10 years, before leaving the military and moving to Bartlett, TN. Deacon Chip and his family (wife, Ann Marie, and four daughters aged 35, 30, 26 and 21 in 2022) have been residents of Bartlett since 1992.

This blog hopes to provide an outlet for the musings of one deacon in Memphis, and to provide a forum for commentary on issues of import to the parish, the diocese, and the wider Church.

It is meant to be interactive; I will respond to questions about any of my posts, as well as to questions about life in the parish and the diocese.

It is my prayer that the People of God will be built up through these musings and postings.

  1. Pop permalink

    I wish we had someone in our Parish to do what you are doing


  2. Werner Rose permalink

    How exiting to know of this, your fervant desire…
    May Our Lord richly bless your efforts!
    Your brother in Christ!


  3. Deacon Reggie Seymour permalink

    Deacon Chip, I am a deacon in New Orleans. I have been asked by the office of black catholics to put together a conference for our black men. Please give me some ideas relative to touching the hears and minds of our black men and get them more involved in the church. Tell me about your speaking fees and how to book you.

    Deacon Reggie Seymour
    (504) 481-7797 cell
    (985) 847-0088 Home


  4. Shirley permalink

    For you & your family I am praying Stay strong in the Lord


  5. Great job Dad. Keep up the good work. P.s. you need to update your daughters ages… 🙂 See you sooon!!!

    I love you forever!

    be at peace
    walk on water
    be not afraid



  6. Margaret Rose permalink

    Deacon Chip
    I do so love you and your family. I pray for all of you, most especially Ann Marie, she is a wonderful woman who loves you and your kids so very much. I am looking forward to the new class and pray that it will be as much of a success as the last one.
    ❤ ya


  7. Malcolm Clingan permalink

    I am interested in becoming a decon
    What do I need to do?


    • Deacon Chip permalink

      Malcolm, where do you live? I can make some recommendations based on that.

      Sorry for the long delay in responding; my commetns don’t email me, and my fall was somewhat hectic. No checks of the blog comments!

      God bless!


  8. Padre, update your bio. Your kids are a little older and wiser now 🙂


  9. Greetings from another Deacon Chip over in the next state. I am a deacon in the Diocese of Charlotte in my sophomore year of ordained service. I am married to a former Atlanta resident who belonged to Our Lady of Lourdes. Really like the website!

    Deacon Chip Wilson
    Queen of the Apostles Church, Belmont, N.C.


    • Well, to show you how interestingly small the world is…I was baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes, way back in early 1961! How cool is that?

      Of course, back then, my parents tell me, that was one of the few places one could be black and baptized Catholic…go figure.

      Thanks for the comment, and God bless!


  10. Philip Ordonio III permalink

    Deacon Chip, Greetings from the northeast Missouri, St. Joseph’s Parrish in Edina, Mo. I want to thank you again for your inspiration simply by being Christ to all. I look forward to keeping in tough with you. You wouldn’t believe how many Chip jones there are on FB. I was so happy to see you at NCYC this year.

    God Bless.,
    Philip Ordonio III
    Aspirant to the Permanent Deaconate
    Diocese of Jeff City, Mo


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