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Why you don’t *have* to use NFP…

June 9, 2012

I found this post while reading a different one.  but how sweet it is!  I particularly liked *this* quote:

“But NFP is not a “Church-approved method of birth control.” So many times it is presented as such. Instead of offering NFP as the main alternative to contraception, let’s offer CHILDREN as the alternative. The opposite of being “against conception” is being FOR conception. The Church teaches that having children is the ideal, and NFP is merely a tool we can use in our marriage if necessary, rather than the other way around. NFP should be promoted as a tool for times of serious need, and not as a requirement or a divine directive.”

Imagine:  a Church of people who believe that CHILDREN are the main alternative to contraception!

It’s something to think about.  And to talk about.  And to PRAY about.

More coming in the Fall, when Ann Marie and I teach our Theology of the Body class.  Can’t wait!

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