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Creative Minority Report: Gay Brits Come to U.S. for Sex Selection

June 15, 2012

Creative Minority Report: Gay Brits Come to U.S. for Sex Selection.

Hm.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Anyone?

Oh, and don’t go for the obvious “the parents are gay” junk.  That isn’t the half of it.

Here’s a question.  Homosexuality, according to the experts (add air-quotes), is genetic.

When we finally identify the gene for homosexuality…will there be objections because the parents want to select for sexual orientation through IVF?

Because these guys want a girl.  And they had their surrogate mother implanted with three embryonic human beings.  What do you suppose will happen to the other two children, folks?  Cuz they’re babies too.

See what a Brave New World we’re creating?  Interesting, isn’t it?

h/t to CMR for the story.

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