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Summer Challenge: First Readings for Jun 23/24, 2018

June 19, 2018

Here are the two First Readings for The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist – Solemnity, both the Vigil and the Mass of the Day. If you missed it, here’s the post detailing the challenge.

The first link is to all the readings; the second will take you to the reading in the Bible.

At the Vigil Mass


Jeremiah 1:4–10

Mass during the Day


Isaiah 49:1–6

Remember, Tuesday’s goal is to read the first reading, and capture a couple of sentences (in your phone’s Notes app, or in a notebook where you keep important thoughts) about what God is saying to you in the reading. You should pick the one for the Mass you’ll be attending; if you’re not sure, then read them both!

Let’s get after it! This is a very similar process to the one your pastor/parochial vicars/deacons use to prepare for their homilies. If nothing else, we’ll learn what this process takes…

God bless you as you prepare for this Sunday’s liturgy!

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