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A little summer challenge: Mass and Homily Prep for Congregations!

June 19, 2018

Hi, everyone! Since I find myself with a little more time on my hands right now, I am going to try to spend some of it writing. So here goes!

This podcast episode, “How To Prepare For The Sunday Readings”, came into my feed two weeks ago. It hit a nerve because I’d just been discussing sermon quality with my wife, and with a friend.

Fr. Mike points out, correctly, that we sometimes sit in judgment of the homilist on Sunday, without considering that he didn’t show up to seminary to volunteer to talk to a crowded room of strangers and acquaintances. For the record, I don’t feel judged, and I welcome the feedback I receive. But many clerics struggle to put together and deliver quality homilies, day after day after day; we should remember that.

The second part of his talk was what sparked my idea. Fr. Mike lays out a way for all of us to prepare for the Sunday Mass readings ourselves, so that we show up prepared to receive whatever it is that God wants to give us through the readings.

So here’s my challenge. I’d like for my readers/followers/Facebook/Twitter friends/whoever to try this method of preparation from now until school starts. And I’d like to discuss with you, here, or on Facebook, or wherever, what you are seeing/receiving in the readings.

Here’s a link to all of next Sunday’s readings. (This Sunday is the Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, so there are two sets of readings.) If you wanna join us, please listen to the podcast (8 minutes), and then read over all three readings. Finally, jot some note about what one thing stuck with you from the readings. You can use the Notes application in your phone for this.

I’ll send out reminders each day of the reading, and the task to be done. All you have to do is a) read, and b) write one – three sentences describing what it is going on in your heart.

Let’s see how this goes. If it works out, we should all be better prepared to receive what our priests and deacons offer on Sunday. Heck, in the worst case, as Fr. Mike points out, we will have written our own “homily”!

So…give it a whirl. And like/comment if you’re going to jump in!

Let’s do this!

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