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A Prayer for Priests

August 10, 2008

I served the bishop yesterday (August 9, 2008 ) at our parish during the ordination to the diaconate of two men, seminarians who will be ordained to the priesthood next spring. While observing all of the priests in attendance, I was put in mind of this post by Deacon Greg Kandra.

For all that has gone on in our parish over the last few years, I don’t think anyone could deny that prayer is needed for ALL our priests, not only the ones assigned by the Bishop to St. Ann Bartlett, but ALL of the priests of the Diocese of Memphis.  They are a tremendous bunch of men; talented every one of them in different ways, and a blessing to us all.  But from out here, it’s hard to know *what* struggles any particular priest may be facing at any given time: it’s their job to be strong for all of *us*, and they don’t let on that they themselves are facing challenges every day.

Pray for our priests, people.  They need our love and support, and they need our prayer.  How much holier a parish, a diocese, a universal Church might we be of we all lifted our shepherds in prayer instead of just observing their faults?


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