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Here’s One for All You School Parents (and the rest of us, too!)

August 2, 2008

Deacon Greg Kandra reports on a Catholic School with…wait for it…NO TUITION. Nada. For NOBODY. See the Story Here.

I don’t know about you, but this made me think.  At a time when our parish is struggling financially, to the point of putting in flourescent lighting in the church and locking buildings to save on utility costs, here’s a parish that manages to educate almost 400 students…with no tuition.  One that has done it consistently for 25 years.  One that does NOT have an endowment to work from (as do our diocese’s Jubilee Schools).

How?  Simple:  the people of the parish tithe.  Just like our separated brethren at Bellevue Baptist.  Works out to about $550 per family in their case.

I’m not suggesting that we go to a no-tuition model for our school… but it makes ya think, don’t it?  What could we be doing differently as a parish family…to make things work better?  Needs prayer, methinks…

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