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The Men Were There!

June 22, 2014

Had to mention this one, too.

One of the ladies who attended the retreat yesterday stopped me after we finished, expressing appreciation for our having put on the retreat. That was nice of her… I thought.

Then she said something that both encouraged and kinda floored me, at the same time.

She said, “I was just so pleased to see so many men here! These things are usually full of women!

I thought some on that; being a man, and usually being at the things I am responsible for, I don’t usually notice it. But she’s right.

Men, where y’all at? You do realize that you’re called to be the spiritual leader of your home, right? You do realize that, when you had your child(ren) baptized, you promised God and His Church a bunch of stuff…remember?

Of course you do. I was just asking.

So, men…come on out. The ladies notice!

And you know what else?

The ladies need us.

It is our job to assist the women in our lives…to get to Heaven. And we can’t do that sitting on the couch watching football (or locked in our “home office” watching porn!). God has called and gifted every man on Earth to step up and lead others to Heaven; problem is, we’ve gotten so accustomed to the %>$&@ we get shoveled by the evil one, we now believe his lies: that it’s all about us, that our wives don’t mind, or don’t want us telling them what to do, that we aren’t hurting anyone by the things we do in private.

But boys: those are all lies. Those are all excuses for inaction. And they leave the people we love…in the dirt. We can’t do that!

Jesus hasn’t stopped calling us. Jesus hasn’t stopped gifting us. And He stands ready to accept us back into the ranks of His soldiers, fighting for the lives and the souls of the people we love, against a culture that wants to chew them up and spit them out like so much garbage.

Your wife needs you to love her more than yourself. Your girlfriend needs you to love her more than yourself. Your daughter(s) need you to love her/them more than yourself!

Get up, man! We have been called out, by our Savior, to do His work on Earth! We have been called, and uniquely gifted, to be men of God!

And if you’re already out there, man…reach back and grab one of your brothers! Support him, love him, and help him to be the man God has called into being!

Time is short. God is calling. And we need to answer. And we can’t do that sitting on our butts.

We need to BE there.

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