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You know what I hate?

October 14, 2012

I hate it when people get their knickers all in a knot about one grave insult made by some insensitive butthead (usually a Republican), who says something to prove that there’s a “War on Women”…then it turns out that maybe, just maybe, what he said wasn’t so stupid/reprehensible/insensitive/ignorant/unscientific. Maybe Todd Akin had a little science on his side (even if he was inarticulate).

Check this out. I found this gentleman’s statistical analysis enlightening. I won’t regurgitate the whole thing; don’t be lazy, and go read it.

I found that 0.2% pregnancy rate across over 26,000 pregnancies very interesting. Makes me even more certain that we should just give up the sexual assault exception, get rid of 99.8% of abortions, then go back and work on the hearts of the other 0.2%. Cuz I’m feelin’ like 52,000,000 dead kids is Plenty, Thank You.


P l e n t y.

Just sayin’.

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  1. a refreshing take indeed!


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