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Things Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About Your Birth Control

July 28, 2012

Excellent post about the effects of various forms of contraception. I’ll legit speak for itself; even without the claims without liked supporting evidence, this is a pretty damning piece as to the things doctors DON’T know or consider when prescribing a carcinogen to “fix” something that ain’t broke…

Read it, please. And remember that fifty years ago, they looked at people who opposed smoking and cigarettes the same way…

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  1. larryzb permalink

    It would help your readers, if you made the link in your essay work by simply clicking on it. I was willing to cut and paste the website address within my browser to the appropriate field for accessing the article. But, it is easy to make this a clickable link, as many readers won’t bother to do the extra effort.


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