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Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers ROCKS!

July 10, 2012

I encourage…no, I dare, any of my brothers in Christ to listen to this homily (starting at 5:20) by my friend Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers of the Diocese of Portland, OR and EWTN. Given teh recent discussion I had with my daughter and some of her friends on Facebook regarding the book series Fifty Shades of Gray.

For people who are so “free”, we sure are a wounded bunch. One thing Deacon Harold says that stuck with me (at time mark 9:34): Real men, who live their spirituality from the Cross of Christ, and who preach Christ crucified by teh example of their lives, would never take the knife of sin from

the hand of Satan and plunge into the hearts of women over and over again.”


You playahs aren’t helping anyone. And ladies, you are not liberated if you’re addicted to using other people in order to get what you need. “Our hearts are restless until they rest in You, O Lord”…St. Augustine got it right. You know whether you’ve found what you’re looking for, after a night of using another person. You know that ache in your breast, that emptiness after having told lie after lie with the language of the body isn’t right.

Want that ache to go away? Grace is the antidote. Christ is the physician.

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  1. So well put! I came across this via Deacon Harold. As the daughter of a deacon (my Dad is in Heaven, but had celebrated his 25th anniversary right before his death), I always am so excited to see deacons who speak with such conviction as both of you do! Thank you for being a light in the darkness!


  2. Horacio Carvalho permalink

    Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers: Your recent homilies on EWTN have convinced me that you are indeed especially Blessed by THE HOLY SPIRIT- a rare gift from God.Keep up with your tremendously inspiring messages from THE HOLY SPIRIT Deacon Harold and may OUR LORD Bless you always. Horacio Carvalho


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