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The God Problem | Crisis Magazine

June 17, 2012

The God Problem | Crisis Magazine

via The God Problem | Crisis Magazine.

I think Fr. Schall, SJ, gets it exactly right n this article. He even pulls in a little of my favorite topics these days, the Theology of the Body!

I particularly liked this part:

In order for us to justify the way we live, we have to get rid of the notion that an order exists in our human being. We have to maintain that the distinction of the sexes was accidental. We have to deal with the consequences of our acts. The nagging specter of God’s order for our own good becomes a burden on our souls. For our own peace of soul we must boldly affirm that God does not exist. This affirmation, we think, makes us free of God. Those who continue to believe in God’s existence are no longer merely deluded people, they are dangerous. We must deal with them.

Wow. In this paragraph I find so much that echoes the culture’s approach toward religion and the religious. Militant atheism is no longer content to just talk about us “flying purple spaghetti monster worshipers”. It must force us into our hidey-holes and silence us in the public square. Militant homosexuality must make all expression of a belief that homosexual conduct is gravely disordered illegal (a better blogger would link to articles about the troubles in Canada for people of faith, but Mass starts in 45 minutes, and I have to go).

I recommend reading the whole thing.

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