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Awesome video in response to Cecile Richards’ “I Have a Say” campaign

March 21, 2012

This is an awesome video by Kalley Yanta (her bio is on the YouTube page) done in response to a call by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards for women to relate whAt contraception has meant to their lives. I can only *wish* I was this articulate, but her experiences with birth control, a too-fast lifestyle, and abortion says a lot I could never say.

Go ahead and attack her if you will (me too; I enjoy the challenge); but please step to me with facts that directly refute her points (and her experiences). I’ve heard all the talking points, so dare to be original, and come up with something new!

Contraceptives are part of a deliberate effort to ease the objectification of both men and women. The gift of our sexuality isn’t some toy to be used by whomever whenever we want. And there are ALWAYS consequences to its misuse, some of them deadly (think 50,000,000 children killed in the womb in our country alone since 1973, for starters).


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