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Responses to the HHS Mandate “Compromise”

February 11, 2012

I so wish I was part of the class of folks who can think and write quickly and clearly on the spur of the moment. I am, alas, not one of those people.

But thank God I read people who are!

With a h/t to, I point out this article regarding a letter that analyzes the “compromise” offered by the Administration on its mandate. I saw a really interesting comparison to the terms of the mandate here, on the same blog; it’s like telling a kosher Jew that the bacon on his Rueben sandwich plate is free, even though he didn’t want it or ask for it.

If anyone is looking for a physician to treat all these diseases that can supposedly only be treated with BAC pills, I have a referral list. Our doctors have been lied to in training, at the same time we’ve all been lied to about the “benefits” of contraception. There’s no getting around what artificial means of preventing pregnancy do (all oral contraceptives have three mechanisms of action, ovulation prevention, fertilization prevention, and implantation prevention, and that last is abortifacient) (sorry if that truth bothers anyone). The reasons the Church calls artificial birth control evil are cogent (even if it took me 32 years to figure that out; the culture is LOUD on this subject!).

And the “compromise” is no compromise. Don’t be fooled!

And never forget, my Friends of Color: the mother of the Birth Control Movement (Margaret Sanger) wanted to make sure that you “undesirables” didn’t breed. How loud y’all need me to shout that? Go visit

Birth control ain’t about “women’s health”. It’s about money. And it’s about purifying the species. And ultimately, it’s about abortion (because what do we do when ur birth control “fails” (meaning that life succeeds)? We visit Planned Parenthood to correct the “mistake”.

Y’all better WAKE THE HECK UP.

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  1. Tom D'Auria permalink

    Chip, you should go on some of the local news shows to give the Church’s POV!


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