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Eucharistic Adoration at St. Ann (Reprise)

October 25, 2009

back in the summer of 2008, I posted this challenge to the parish.  I was serious then, and I am still serious. I’ve had one mother of ten take me  up on my challenge; I told her that I could only count her older at-home kids, since the younger 5 are all under the age of 9, and had to go where she goes… 🙂

Eucharistic Adoration is the single best gift that any of us can give to God and to the parish.  Spending time before the Blessed sacrament, especially in prayer for the parish, will bear more fruit than any other thing we can do.

So…go back and read my post.  the challenge was this:  I will spend an hour in Adoration for every three people who commit to an hour during the week.  I’ll pray for those folks, and I will pray for our parish an d our city.  And I will spend as much time as it takes to answer this commitment I am making.

So…how would you like to make me stay up at the church?  All it takes is showing up! Adoration hours are from noon to 10:30 pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, except for national holidays.  The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is prayed at noon, 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm each day; Evening Prayer is celebrated at 5:30 pm, and Night Prayer is celebrated before Reposition at 10:00 pm.

So…who’s showing up?

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