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Beginning Apologetics – The End Times III: The Second Coming (part II)

September 27, 2009


Three classes down, and no one has been hurt, yet!  Here’s the audio file for the class; hope it’s useful.  Here’s the outline in Word 2007 format; if you need the converter, you can find it here.  Finally, here are the notes pages for the PowerPoint presentation I used.  If you’re listening at home, I would recommend printing the presentation and taking notes on it, or printing the outline and following it.

There were two questions asked before and during this class; the first was about a reference from 1 Peter 4:6: “For this is why the gospel was preached even to the dead 2that, though condemned in the flesh in human estimation, they might live in the spirit in the estimation of God.”  The question was whether this verse could serve as a proof text for praying for the dead, in the same sense that 2 Macc 12:44-45 can be used.  I have searched a few of the resources I have at my disposal, and I would have to say that I don’t think so; 2 Macc 12:44-45 is a proof text for Purgatory, while the verse above really aims in a different direction.  This verse refers to, it seems, the effectiveness of the Gospel even for those who are now dead (but who heard the Gospel preached while alive).  It’s not a reference to use, so much, about things that will help the dead who are not yet in Heaven; it’s more a reference to the effectiveness of the Gospel on the souls of those who have already died.  Prayer for the dead aims to improvethe lot of the dead; this verse refers to the Gospel’s positive effect in general on them. Convoluted answer; if anyone can do better, throw it out there in the comment box!

The other question, which was also a comment, was about a particular verse and its applicability to those who have left the Church.  I am still trying to find the specific reference, and when I do, I’ll answer it here!

See y’all next week; take care, and God bless!

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